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Peace of Mind Canada is dedicated to facilitating emotional and psychological support for veterans who have undergone difficult battle situations. Units of approximately 15-20 young men participate in the POM program in Canada for one week of intensive group therapy and bonding with the Jewish community. This unique 9-month long process includes orientation and concluding sessions in Israel, 3 month interval follow up sessions and individualized therapy for those who require further interventions.

The results are extraordinary as the men describe feeling 'lighter' emotionally and psychologically at the end of the process. Participants begin to deal with feelings of survivor's guilt, sadness and stress while receiving coping mechanisms that they are able to implement in their daily lives and during their reserve duty. An additional and very important component to the program is the bonding that takes place between the men and their host families and community engagement. The unit is billeted (two men per household) with the Jewish community during their stay, which offers them insight into the tremendous support for Israel that exists in the Diaspora and how much we appreciate their service and sacrifice.

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Many thanks to our past and upcoming host synagogues. Your dedication and commitment to the Peace of Mind Canada program continues to make an enormous difference in the lives of our young Israeli heroes.

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