Dear POM,

This was our second year doing this program and I can't even begin to sort out how important this week was on many levels....

I did want to share with you two special parts of the week:

Our guys told us that a significant portion of their last counseling session was discussing us! the synagogue and Diaspora.... it was a shock for them to hear, believe and then eventually understand/appreciate how real our support is for those who fight in the Israeli army. This was so important to them and an unexpected bonus of their trip.

My dearest joy of the week was watching my younger son really bond with these guys at Phil and Shari's home on Thursday night...that was such a special night. I cannot thank them enough for opening their home to all of us again this year.

Each person on this committee, their friends, the synagogue make a special mix that permits this program, allows us to support Israel in a very personal way and I believe ties us into the synagogue community. So thank you also to the Board and other shul members who contribute so generously their time and money and caring.

With much emotion and gratitude to all of you, Phyllis.With much emotion and gratitude to all of you, Phyllis.

Phyllis Glanc, MD FRCPC, FSRU, FAIUM